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Hello, I am Funmi

Business Advisor & Strategy coach

Welcome to my website!

I am a mum, wife, an employer and also an employee ūüôā

My faith is important to me and is at the foundation of how I navigate life in this 21st century world!

I am thankful for the opportunities I have had to grow my expertise, knowledge and experience and on this site I will share from what I have learnt and experienced to help you  improve your productivity in life, career or business so that you too can be a light  in your own little corner of the world.

My Books

I have written three books so far  (one fiction and two faith based books) and I am working on a fourth book about my everyday experiences of running an award winning business, a full time career and a home. 

Need help with  financial planning? 


 Funmi sees the big picture of my business but more importantly the key elements I need to put in place so that my business vision comes to life. I call Funmi my business advisor. She is definitely one person you want in your corner when it comes to your business.

Detola Amure

CEO , Super Working Mum

Funmi’s sessions are invaluable. As a career person with creative business interests, she has helped me to identify the building blocks I needed to work on the different creative aspects.

Emilola Shyllon

Founder, The Wellspring Place

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Get this Free Financial Planning Workbook

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